Hack Club Presents

Bay Area

December 30th ~ 9am - 9pm ~ Circuit Launch

Join us for an epic 12 hours of building projects, socializing, and fun.

Whether you've never written a line of code, or you've been hacking for years, we'd love for you to come!

Epoch BA is a hackathon organized by the attendees. Come organize with us in the #epoch-ba channel in the Hack Club Slack.

Epoch, by Hack Club, is a global event happening in regions (New Delhi, Vermont, Austin) around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Epoch and what's Epoch Bay Area?

Epoch is a high school hackathon organized by teenagers in Hack Club, taking place in New Delhi. Running alongside Epoch are regional events (Epoch Bay Area is one of them).

Where is Epoch Bay Area taking place?

Epoch Bay Area will be held at Circuit Launch (located at 8000 Edgewater Dr., Ste. 200, Oakland, CA 94621), from 9am to 9pm on December 30th.

Who's eligible to participate?

All middle and high school students are welcome. You don't need any coding experience to attend! If you've graduated high school but would still like to help out (by mentoring or running a workshop), send us an email at team@epochba.hackclub.com.

How much does it cost?

Epoch Bay Area is completely free :D. We'll provide food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), snacks, and swag!

I signed up! Now what?

Awesome, can't wait to see you there! You'll receive an email in the next couple of weeks with waivers you must fill out to attend. In the meantime, join the Hack Club Slack and come chat with other attendees in the #epoch-ba channel!

I have more questions, how can I reach out?

Email us at team@epochba.hackclub.com, or ping @epochba-team in the Hack Club Slack.